Open Studio, Art District Istanbul

Open studio is an annual event where artists and designers that are based in the Art District of Istanbul known as Moda, open the doors of their apartments and studios and students from all over the city are welcome to join them on personalized tours of their studios. The art program I was enrolled in known as "Visual Communication Design", at Sabanci University was one of the founders of the mutli-disciplinary program and it allowed us to visit and see the designers work and life as they experience it. 

Our group comprised of the Art Club at Sabanci University and other students from Erasmus, which is a European exchange program based in Europe. Walking around the Art Disitrct of Istanbul teaches you a lot and allows you to be grateful to be a part of a city like Istanbul that is so rich in history and the arts. 

I highly reccomend any student undertaking any course in design or arts, based in Istanbul to be a part of such an amazing group and culture for the sake of travel and friendship.