Turkey; Fethiye, Cappadocia and Antalya

Studying in Istanbul definitely has it's perks! A few of the places I traveled to around the Mediterranean region were none other than Fethiye, Cappadocia and Antalya. Going in the summer makes it even better with the sun, people and great food. There is a lot that Turkey is loved for such as food, culture, atmosphere and the hospitality. 

Fethiye is a beach town right on the coast of the Mediterranean with acai bowls, beach cafes and warm waters. Aside from lounging around all day, there is a variety of bars and clubs around the area where one can party from sunrise to sunset!

Cappadocia is a historical town where the energy of the land is palpable in the rock formations surrounding the area. The rock formations are heavy and tall where the cave hotels reside in between or are made into the caves themselves <3 Aside from the cave hotels you can get up early and take a ride in the hot air balloons overlooking the horizon.

The beach city of Antalya is only a spot where you stop on your way to Olympos. The small town of Olympos is where most of the students go for their spring break in Istanbul. I deicded to join the bandwagon and joined my loyal girlfriends to a wonderful trip in the spring-time to Olympos. We stayed in hotels that were made into trees like tree houses. Surreal <3